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About Us and New Age Productions LLC, the entity which operates, were founded by their Chief Executive Officer, Chris Badway, a licensed attorney. On August 13, 2008, New Age Productions LLC was initially established as an entity authorized and operating under the laws of the State of Delaware. Shortly thereafter, New Age Productions LLC launched, its first online business.

New Age Productions LLC is a for profit entity which is responsible for the operation and management of Verification of the good standing of New Age Productions LLC can be obtained from the Delaware Secretary of State. derives its revenue from fees charged to participating online stores. New Age Productions LLC and do not make any money from the non-profit organizations we work with and do not make any money from the individuals who shop at the online stores we work with.

The mission of is to create a three party partnership, among online shoppers, trustworthy online stores and reputable non-profit organizations, which meets the desires of all three parties, in a manner that promotes corporate giving and allows individuals to choose the recipient of corporate giving. represents a new era in charitable giving, comprising of individuals and corporations who seek to improve society in new, creative and trustworthy ways. seeks to: (1) provide non-profit organizations with a means to generate an unlimited amount of funds by way of their members and supporters enjoying themselves, (2) empower individuals to support the non-profit organizations of their choice, at no cost to the individual, simply by shopping online and (3) help honest and reputable online stores increase their revenue, profit and market penetration, and build strong and long-lasting relationships with online shoppers at the same time.

Through, online shopping, in combination with the collective power of a group and consumer choice, creates an outcome in which non-profit organizations, online shoppers and online stores all win. We hope, over time, to substantially increase the revenue of the various non-profit organizations which we distribute funds to and, in doing so, make a meaningful difference in the services offered by these non-profit organizations.

By providing an honest and transparent organizational structure that promotes charitable giving, allows all parties to achieve their goals and provides the individual with unparalleled power to direct corporate giving, which all parties find simple and rewarding to be a part of, is truly unique. In short, allows individuals to support their favorite non-profit organizations in a way that is free, simple and fun. is honest and respectable. understands that a relationship is only as strong as the trust between the parties. Therefore, towards that end, each of our malls is independently audited every six months. Each non-profit organization we work with receives a copy of each audit of their mall, so as to provide a 100% guarantee of our trustworthiness. Additionally, each non-profit organization we work with may independently audit their mall at any time.

Not only are the services of free to the non-profit organizations we work with and all online shoppers, but they are also to the benefit of these two groups. We sincerely hope you find your experience with to be rewarding and hassle-free. If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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