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We build and operate customized online malls for non-profit organizations. Through one of our malls, your supporters can shop at hundreds of popular online stores. A percentage of whatever amount your supporters spend at these stores goes to your organization. Just by shopping online, your supporters can generate revenue for your organization.

For example, suppose Cindy buys jewelry from for $500 through your mall. Because 10% of whatever amount your supporters spend at goes to your organization, your organization will receive $50 at no additional cost to Cindy.

Adding a Fundraising Solutions online mall to your website couldn't be easier. Setting up your mall is simple. Once your mall is set up there is nothing more for you to do, except to refer your supporters to your mall. Every aspect of your mall is taken care of for you, from customer service, shipping and billing to order fulfillment. Both you and your supporters who shop at your mall will never pay any fees or costs of any kind.

Your mall will be attractive, easy to navigate and customized, as well as seamlessly integrate into your website. Your supporters may very well never know that your mall is supplied by Fundraising Solutions. Your mall can be hosted on your domain ( or another domain ( Your mall will have web 2.0 features, such as a tell a friend function and sample text that your supporters can place on their Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, etc. pages that links to your mall.

How much revenue will your mall generate? The answer, of course, depends on how many people visit your mall and how much they spend. We anticipate the average sale at your mall will be about $150 and the average percentage of what is spent that goes to your organization will be about 3%. This means that just 22 sales per day will give you about $100 per day or $3,000 per month - at no cost to you and with minimal effort on your part. We expect large and medium size charities to generate significantly more sales. The key to generating significant sales is to incorporate a link to your mall into the main navigation bar of your website, so that the link to your mall appears on each page of your website, especially your home page. Adding a link to your mall to your Facebook, Twitter and MySpace pages is also very helpful. Even charities with a small membership base will benefit from one of our malls, as we anticipate that just 7 sales per day will generate about $1,000 per month.

Your mall will feature over 300 popular online stores that people shop at every day, such as Sears, Office Max, Petco and Barnes & Noble. This wide variety of stores means that your supporters will be able to satisfy virtually all of their shopping desires through your mall and have a huge selection of products to choose from. We only work with stores that have an established history of selling quality products and providing good customer support, ensuring that your supporters will have a pleasant shopping experience. For a complete list of the online stores that your mall will feature, as well as the percentage of the amount spent by your supporters that will go to your organization, please contact us.

If you choose to have your mall hosted on your domain (, your mall will utilize a two frame design. You will have full control over the top frame, allowing you to customize it with your website's logo and colors. The bottom frame (the mall) simply redirects to your mall which is hosted on our servers, meaning that your mall consumes virtually none of your bandwidth. We will customize your mall to match your website.

If you choose to have your mall hosted on another domain (, you can choose and register the domain at which your mall will be hosted. Your mall will be hosted on our servers, meaning that your mall consumes virtually none of your bandwidth. We will customize your mall to match your website.

Each month we transfer the proceeds generated by your mall to you by check. Other transfer methods are available upon request. You will have access to detailed and easy to understand sales statistics for the sales made through your mall.

Fundraising Solutions is a respectable and honest company. We understand that a relationship is only as strong as the trust between the parties. Therefore, towards that end, each of our malls is independently audited every six months. You will receive a copy of each audit of your mall, so as to provide a 100% guarantee of our trustworthiness. Additionally, you may independently audit your mall at any time.

If you have any questions or are ready to add a Fundraising Solutions mall to your website, please email our team at or call us at (212) 726-2097.

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